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Migration to GitHub


Pets at Home was a heavy user of BitBucket (Git hosting from Atlassian). I made the decision to migrate us to GitHub after understanding the requirements on why a migration was needed.

  • Lack of simple to use CI
  • User interface is not intuitive
  • Most devs have GitHub experience so less barrier to entry
  • Free CI
  • Easy to use CI with better authentication

Technology used

GitHub GitHub Actions

Project Breakdown

The need to move to GitHub was identified to better implement CI, as BitBucket's CI offering is incredibly basic, and lacks features like different pipelines per repo, as well as reusable actions

What I did

  • Made list of all repos to move
  • Moved repos
  • Terraformed Groups
  • Terraformed user invites
  • Configured CI on all repos (Lots of reusable actions!)
  • Setup Auto link reference for GitHub; Comments, Issue, Pull requests and discussions
  • Built Repo templates to help devs with a framework for common repos
  • Building reusable workflows
  • Configured Dependabot on all repos automatically
  • Built control tower that uses CI in a repo to configure the org and repos