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Pets at Home Group

Employment Duration

Start Date End Date
January 24, 2022 Current

Seniority level

  • Employee

Job Title

  • DevOps Engineer

Job responsibilities

Placed in the PCAG (Pet care analytic group) as the first GCP Devops Engineer, to help build the practice and ensure best practices are being followed

  • Building out DevOps practice from scratch
  • Putting cloud operating framework in place
  • Writing terraform deployments
  • Managing deployment's
  • Managing GCP IAM for company
  • Building CI/CD pipelines for deployments
  • Managing GCP Account
  • Advising on other aspects of the business' cloud deployments
  • Cloud troubleshooting
  • Re-building confluence space to better serve colleages
  • Build an open culture (just not iam) where we share information


Date Description
feb/22 Suggested a new jira template, implemented the day after on a board
feb/22 Located an issue with Composer and escalated to Google
mar/22 Suggested we use ADR's and since been adopted
mar/22 Started writing project kickoff documents and since been adopted
mar/22 Started writing documentation on new deployents, which has helped handing off work to colleagues
may/22 Created helm chart with IAP enabled for cloud deployment
may/22 Creatd private GKE cluster with Workload identity enabled for namespace
jun/22 Took over deployment that was stuck in the mud for 3 months. Completed it in a few weeks
jun/22 Called out for writing good documentation for applications

Notable projects

  • Automated 'cloudrun' deployment for MLOPS
  • Audience ops terraform + helm + gke

Transferable Skills