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About me


Welcome to my Portfolio, this site is to serve as a CV, skills matrix as well as details on projects I have completed

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Past Experience

Projects I've done

Skills Matrix

Seeing as you're looking for the tech buzzwords, this site is built using CI/CD

About me, Personally

I'm Bradley, I write a blog occasionally, and used to self-host all my services,now they're on the cloud and managed through git repos and cicd. That's how I got in to tech.

I work with and around AWS and GCP, with most my experience coming from AWS.

I'm what you would refer to as a Wildcard Person and can do basically most of the tasks I am put to, and will find a solution.

More can be found here about me and how I got in to tech!

Time spent coding

Technology I know

Ranked by Comfortability, then by Experience

Technology Experience Comfortability
Google Cloud 2 years High
Linux 7 Years High
Nginx 4 Years High
DigitalOcean 4 Years High
Cloudflare 4 Years High
Datadog 3 Years High
GitHub 3 Years High
macOs 3 Years High
markdown 3 Years High
Terraform 2 Years High
Integromat 2 years High
Confluence 2 Years High
Jira 2 Years High
Jira Software 2 Years High
Docker 2 Years Medium
Kubernetes 1 Years Medium
Ubuntu 7 Years Medium
MySQL 4 Years Medium
Debian 3 Years Medium
Centos 2 Years Medium
Grafana 2 Years Medium
MS Exchange 2 Years Medium
MS Office 2 Years Medium
OVH 2 Years Medium
Ansible 2 Years Medium
AWS 1 year Medium
Next Cloud 1 Year Medium
Microsoft 3 Years Medium
CodeFresh 1 Year Low
AquaSec 1 Year Low
Packer 1 Year Low
PagerDuty 1 Year Low

Projecs of note

  • HA - Wordpress site setup with AutoScale and all defined as code (terraform)
  • breadnet - Writing a blog occasionally and helping out people
  • BreadMail - Started a mail hosting platform, quickly deprecated
  • Datadog Monitoring - Datadog monitoring fullstack as well as API monitoring

Companies worked for