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Bradley Stannard


I'm Bradley, a Google Cloud Engineer.

This site is my CV as well as portfolio for projects I have done.

What to look for

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Seeing as you're looking for the tech buzzwords, this site is built using CI/CD

About me, Personally

Like mentioned, I am Bradley. A GCP DevOps/ Cloud engineer from Reading, UK.

I run a blog called breadnet where I talk about issues I've overcome, as well as cool things and most recently a spot of reverse engineering

Whilst building my brand and working out what I wanted to specialise in, I have decided the best term I can use is: Wildcard Person

Technology I know

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Technology Experience Comfortability
Google Cloud 4 years High
Linux 8 Years High
Nginx 5 Years High
DigitalOcean 5 Years High
Cloudflare 5 Years High
Datadog 3 Years High
GitHub 5 Years High
GitHub Actions 1 Year High
Skaffold 1 years Medium
Helm 2 years Medium
macOs 4 Years High
markdown 5 Years High
Terraform 4 Years High
Integromat 2 years High
Confluence 4 Years High
Jira 4 Years High
Docker 4 Years Medium
Kubernetes 2 Years Medium
Ubuntu 7 Years Medium
MySQL 4 Years Medium
Debian 3 Years Medium
Centos 2 Years Medium
Grafana 2 Years Medium
MS Exchange 2 Years Medium
MS Office 2 Years Medium
OVH 2 Years Medium
Ansible 2 Years Medium
AWS 1 year Medium
Next Cloud 1 Year Medium
Microsoft 3 Years Medium
CodeFresh 1 Year Low
AquaSec 1 Year Low
Packer 1 Year Low
PagerDuty 1 Year Low

Projects of note

  • Marketing Platform - Reducing Advertising spend using magic (GKE)
  • HA - WordPress site setup with AutoScale and all defined as code (terraform)
  • breadnet - Writing a blog occasionally and helping out people
  • BreadMail - Started a mail hosting platform, quickly deprecated
  • Datadog Monitoring - Datadog monitoring fullstack as well as API monitoring

Companies worked for

Time spent coding