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About Me

I'm Bradley, a Google Cloud Engineer currently based in Reading.

This site is my CV and Portfolio.

If you need a paper copy, you can download one here

What to look for

If you're a recruiter, you can skip to the Companies page, as well as Projects

About me, Personally

I run a blog called breadnet where I talk about issues I've overcome, as well as cool things and most recently a spot of reverse engineering

I am a very experienced Cloud Engineer x DevOps engineer working in Google cloud. I've got experience with GKE, Terraform and all the other parts of Google Cloud you'd expect

Projects of note

Companies worked for

Technology I know

Technology Comfortability
Google Cloud High
Kubernetes Medium
Terraform High
GitHub Actions High
GitHub High
markdown High
Linux High
Nginx High
DigitalOcean High
Cloudflare High
Datadog High
Skaffold Medium
Helm Medium
macOs High
Integromat High
Confluence High
Jira High
Docker Medium
Ubuntu Medium
MySQL Medium
Debian Medium
Centos Medium
Grafana Medium
MS Exchange Medium
MS Office Medium
OVH Medium
Ansible Medium
AWS Medium
Microsoft Medium
AquaSec Low
Packer Low
PagerDuty Low

Time spent coding